Each year, more than 24,000 callers contact Hotline of Southern
California -- men, women and teenagers who are without hope,
without alternatives and without direction. They are depressed,
confused or angry and need somewhere to turn. They turn to
Hotline…and they get the information and assistance they need.

A 47-year-old man wanted desperately to keep his family together.
He is a compulsive gambler and had just lost all of their savings
and the second mortgage on their home. When his wife of 23 years
found out he had hidden his addiction throughout their entire
marriage, she felt betrayed and wanted to leave him. The man
called Hotline of Southern California for advice and assistance.

The Hotline listener talked to the man about his situation, and then
found a recovery program to provide him with the skills to control
his addiction in the future. Family counseling for the couple and
their 18-year-old son also was located so they could work out their
problems together with the help of a professional therapist. This
assistance from Hotline started them down a new path -- one that
would keep their world from completely falling apart.

A young woman who had lost her children was ready to commit
suicide. Because she was living in her car, her youngsters were
taken away and placed in a foster home. She was working hard to
turn her life around so she could get them back. She had found a
job and a place to live. But it was of no use -- the authorities
wouldn't let her have her kids for another six months. When she
called Hotline of Southern California, she was counting the pills
she would swallow to end it all.

The experienced Hotline listener explained to the woman that the
pills she was ready to take would probably not result in death, but
rather permanent physical damage. They then discussed her
feelings and other possible solutions to her problem; before hanging
up, the Hotline listener made her promise to call back the next
morning for another talk. The following day, the listener spoke with
her again and they mapped out a plan of action that would one day
reunite her with her loved ones for good.